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Sunday-Sunday Recap: Walking Dead, Mob City, Sound of Music, Bonnie & Clyde

I won’t normally have a set-up like this since I do watch several shows and would rather make individual posts, but since it’d been a bit of a slacking week for me on getting around to posting individually, this is what you’ll have to deal with for now. Haha. There will probably be occasions where I will format in this manner, but most other times I’ll try to keep it to separate postings.

Warning-- Possible spoilers ahead so if you haven’t watched/interested in watching, be advised. You can’t say I didn’t warn you, or complain of spoilers in my post or in the comments, because you have been warned right here.

So, we’re starting with last Sunday first: the BIG Sunday if you’re a Walking Dead fan, and if you’ve been keeping up, you know it was a huge turning point for the characters in this mid-season finale. The prison is gone. They have been split up. And it ended off with viewers only having more questions. I don’t think February can come fast enough after that one, and it left me with my heart racing.

One of my favorite characters was killed, and while I expected character death(s), I did NOT expect it to be Herschel. Perhaps I’d grown to think he was safe after the whole leg incident last season, and so I was left in genuine shock at first on his death. How is it going to affect the group now? No idea. He was the wise man. The one with the most medical knowledge. I also felt he’d become the appointed father of them all. When/If the others meet back up eventually, his being gone could cause a rift between a few members or a horrible imbalance that leaves some unfocused and clumsy.

And though I’m glad Governor is dead, there was something interesting building about his character when the show came back to him in the last few episodes. He was a questionable man. And I think the writers wanted you to see that he wasn’t always bad, and at one point just wanted to move on and live his life without any more trouble. It made me wonder numerous times if he hadn’t felt trapped in the camp (with the mudhole zombies blocking his new family’s exit and later the crazy guy he goes with raiding another camp with, only to see him shoot-kill old man for fun), if he’d ever turned back to his ‘old’ ways and bothered with the prison and Rick again. He’d tried to leave and go with his family a few times. He acted different than he had in previous season, that much was noticeable. So these were definite questions that kept getting brought up after the show. Of course, now I can only wonder since our lovely Michonne finally put her sword through him. :P Sometimes I just over-analyze with characters because I get so invested with their story.

So much more happened on the episode I could go on and on about, but then this post would be much larger than it’s already becoming. I’ll be looking forward to what February brings us for the rest of the season and where we’ve left off at with the group. I’m excited! Also, high five to fans for us getting season five! :D

On Wednesday, Mob City premiered on TNT to kickstart its three-week special run. It’s mob vs. cops in the 1940s noir drama set in Los Angeles. I’d been keeping up with the previews and marking the date/time on the calendar because I LOVE shows with this kind of premise for some reason. I think it’s more of a history thing for me, but either way I was excited. YAAAWWWNNN. I was into it for maybe forty-five minutes and nearly falling asleep because it was boring. Sorely disappointing. The only thing I’d note: It should’ve stayed in the time period it originally started out at--the 20s--and built around the action of the first ten minutes. That was the best part to me out of the entire two hours. I will not be wasting anymore of my time with the rest of it.

You’ve all probably heard the Sound of Music reviews/posts/tweets by now, but I’m likely in the minority since I keep hearing how bad it was to people. I actually enjoyed it for the most part. Underwood’s acting was not particularly professional, but she was cast for her singing voice I’m sure with the acting portion on the low priority side. From my viewing side, I thought she did well with the singing, meh with the acting, but the show was overall fairly nice. The kids and Stephen Moyer (btw, never thought he looked good on True Blood, but oddly thought he was hot as all get out the other night when watching the musical??! LOL) were probably the show’s best features, lovely in acting and singing. It made me think about how we should get more live action Broadway plays/musicals on television at least. I also want to sit and watch the Julie Andrews’ version now.

Finally, we come to the final recap of the week: Bonnie & Clyde that aired Sunday December 8th on A&E, History, and Lifetime with the first part of its two-part special.

This turned out to be even better than I expected. And I had been excited about it for weeks. I kept hoping and hoping it wouldn’t be a disappointment like Mob City had been, and thankfully it wasn’t. Then again, I’d always been fascinated by this unruly couple and the history surrounding them. I live a few hours from the site where they were gunned down. Clyde is my step-father’s great uncle. I’m not supposed to like the story of the outlaws because they weren’t the ‘good’ guys, but I just do. I always have. Bonnie & Clyde did a great job telling their story of their rise in crime, along with their love story. Add in a pretty cool looking cast to play their roles, nice camera work, and narration to include facts (not just create a movie with minimal details that might confuse you later)? You got yourself a winner right here. It’s also pretty hard for me to find any good television movie with a great song attached--but this one does. In fact, this has one of the best covers I’ve ever heard.

Haven’t seen Bonnie & Clyde yet? What are you waiting for--get on that!

Also: Other shows that would've normally been on this list--though aren't always recapped because I play catch-up with them on the DVR sometimes--are Supernatural (3 episodes behind right now from season 9--argghh, hate being behind!), The Sing Off (starting December 9th), The Voice, and The Big Bang Theory.

See ya soon.


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