Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Supernatural (1)

Pixie here! Let's try to make this blog work out again, shall we?
First thing: The new season of Supernatural started last week. Not just any new season. But the tenth season. TEN YEARS. I've been watching this show for ten (glorious) years. These characters have become a huge part of my life every week, and something about this season seems different. We're going into a new year with a different attitude, I think.

To be honest, I'd first had intentions of starting Adventures in Remoteland with Supernatural in mind. It's my favorite show. I wanted to make sure I had a place where I could post recaps and discussions every week during the season runs at the very least. I fell behind in the last year, but I'm going to try and pick this back up-- and of course, I still plan to post other reviews for favorites (Walking Dead, Once Upon A Time, The Flash, etc.) movie talk, and more.

I'm choosing to recap each week the night before the new episode so there's less of a chance that you'll be concerned by reading spoilers. Because there will likely be spoilers in posts. Know that ahead of time before you dive into any post.

So what happened last week?

The show obviously started a few months after the end of season nine. We didn't really get a glimpse of how Sam had reacted to Dean. Or what all went down in those moments after Dean woke. We just knew they are apart now and Dean is a demon. Not just any demon... it's not the typical demon possession we've learned of through the years from the show. It's his own personal demon. As if he's soulless or the mark (Cain's Mark) created it for him.

Dean and Crowley are traveling together. Being best buds. They said bitch and jerk to each other even. It was great. Probably the highlight of the episode. Besides Dean singing karaoke. If that was Ackles really singing, I'm glad he's sticking to acting. But yes, he is too sexy for his shirt. He should leave it off forever.

Cas is really sick from his failing grace. It made me sad to see him like that. I hope they're not trying to find a way to kill off his character or I will be furious. I was mad enough about Bobby and Kevin. They will take it too far though if they kill Cas.

Through Sam's search for Dean, Sam gets nabbed. Despite Dean's "issues" I think we're seeing a spark of protectiveness over his brother still and for that I was glad. It meant there was still hope to get his humanity back later. I'm really looking forward to seeing where this season goes, especially after how great season nine had been. In my opinion, the show has really shown to be picking back up again after some not-so-great seasons the past few years. I'll always be a loyal fan, but seasons 6-8 were not exactly the best. Glad they seem to be going back to their gritty roots and sometimes sick sense of humor.

Onward season ten!