About Remoteland

First off, welcome to Adventures in Remoteland. I hope that you'll enjoy the site and all the various content. It's a bit chaotic at times, I'm sure. What is Remoteland? It's my little imaginary digital world of screens and stereos. To simply put it, this is an all-entertainment blog, covering topics like television, movies, gaming, and music. There are reviews and news. Discussions. And quite possibly giveaways in the future (you'll have to see my policies later when any are placed up regarding these)!

So, who is this behind the Remoteland blog? I'm Pixie, the creator of this world. Nice to meet you, by the way. :)
I'm an indie author and book blogger (The Bookaholic) as well that decided one day I wanted to start an entertainment blog also because I love television/movies/music almost as much as I do books and always find myself wanting to discuss something. Haha!

I normally would say a lot more here, but there's not much to say. You can learn about my likes and dislikes by following along with the blog, to be honest. Or you can read my proper introduction post here and get a general idea of celebs I crush I on, and movies and music I like, as well as other little facts about me. :)

Now due to a recent hectic schedule, I've teamed up with my long-time friends, Red and Bekka, to start running AiR together instead. Adventures in Remoteland was on a long hiatus, but it's back and will be keeping updated! Since we have similar and a diverse variety of likes and dislikes, I think this the team here is a great fit together for posting on the topics we love. ^-^


And thanks everyone for being here!